Senate Bill 330 – A Vital Step in Securing The Texas Grid and Future for Independence

The electric grid is the lifeblood of modern society, and the future of Texas is at stake. A single catastrophic event could plunge the entire state into darkness, affecting healthcare, transportation, banking, sanitation, water, and food. It’s a threat that the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) and TEXIT supporters cannot afford to ignore.

Senate Bill 330 (SB 330) is not only crucial for securing Texas’ electric grid but also for reinforcing the TNM’s mission of making Texas a self-governing independent nation. A resilient and secure infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for any sovereign state. By safeguarding Texas’ infrastructure and the lives of its citizens, Texans can take a significant step towards ensuring the state remains a beacon of freedom, prosperity, and self-determination in an uncertain future.

Senator Bob Hall’s grid protection bill, SB 330, is currently stuck in committee. It is the only proactive bill filed to protect Texas’ electric grid from various threats, including cyber-attacks, malware, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), and atmospheric geomagnetic disturbances (GMD). With a robust plan to address widespread, long-term power outages lacking in Texas, the passing of SB 330 is crucial for securing the state’s infrastructure and the lives of its citizens.

SB 330 aims to create the Texas Grid Security Commission (TGSC) under the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM). The TGSC will evaluate all hazards to the ERCOT electric grid and the vulnerabilities of essential service systems for municipalities. This evaluation includes terrestrial weather, earthquakes and tsunamis, terrorist and cyber attacks, operational technology manipulation, EMP or GMD, fuel transportation or storage insecurity, and insider threats.

The TGSC will be responsible for developing standards and recommending a plan to harden critical infrastructure, creating a more resilient grid. Critical infrastructure includes water and wastewater systems, food and agriculture, communication systems, the energy sector, chemical plants, the financial sector, hospitals and healthcare facilities, law enforcement and government facilities, nuclear reactors, and other critical functions that depend on the electric grid and are vital to the economy.

Moreover, SB 330 requires the TGSC to evaluate the resiliency of essential service systems in municipalities and develop standards and a plan for resilient communities. These standards encompass emergency services, communication systems, clean water and sewer systems, healthcare, financial services, energy systems, and transportation. Resilient communities will ensure reliable services during a long-term power outage and offer a path to expeditious electrical and economic recovery.

The bill also calls for the TGSC to create a state-wide plan for protection from catastrophic loss of power, establish resiliency standards for micro-grids, and certify micro-grids that meet these standards. Regulatory agencies will establish rates for resiliency cost recovery, and penalties will be imposed on entities that do not comply with the standards for resiliency as outlined in the TGSC’s plan.

The urgent support of TEXIT supporters is needed to push SB 330 forward. Texans are encouraged to call the Texas Senate Business and Commerce Chair Charles Schwertner at 512-463-0105 and ask him to vote SB 330 out of committee as soon as possible. The Business and Commerce Committee meets soon, and it’s essential for them to vote SB 330 out of committee swiftly. Texans can also email Chairman Schwertner and the entire committee to voice their support for the bill.

Additional information on SB 330 can be found in the bill analysis and the Business & Commerce Committee information.

By supporting SB 330, TEXIT supporters can contribute to the larger goal of a self-governing and independent Texas. A secure and resilient electric grid is an essential component of a sovereign nation, providing stability and protection for its citizens. Strengthening Texas’ infrastructure will demonstrate the state’s ability to govern itself effectively and independently.

As the TNM continues to work towards achieving independence, the passage of SB 330 will be a critical milestone in demonstrating Texas’ commitment to the security and well-being of its citizens. It will send a clear message that Texans are prepared to protect their homeland and the values they hold dear.

The passage of SB 330 is vital not only for the security and resilience of Texas’ electric grid but also for the TNM’s mission to create an independent Texas. We urge all TEXIT supporters to take action now and make their voices heard in support of this crucial legislation. Together, we can build a stronger and more self-reliant Texas that is prepared to face any challenges that may come our way.

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