Senator Kel Seliger Calls TEXIT Supporters “Crazy” On Radio Rant

Senator Kel Seliger Calls TEXIT Supporters “Crazy” On Radio Rant

Senator Kel Seliger decided that a recent radio interview was a good time to express his thoughts that TEXIT supporters are “crazy,” and their motivation for independence is rooted in racism.

In a recent interview, Senator Kel Seliger states that crazy people want to hang out with crazy people when discussing the increase in support for the Texas Nationalist Movement.  He is stating that a large portion of Texans are crazy people.  

He then mentions 1860 and the Confederate States of America’s secession movement, relating the Texas Nationalist Movement’s TEXIT to imply a non-existent racist motivation behind TEXIT support.

Listen To Seliger’s radio rant

He brings up so-called “truths” but never backs them up with any actual facts.  Senator Seliger says if the United States stopped sending Texas money, Texas would become a third-world country. Seliger then launched into a stream of misinformation that the TNM has long ago debunked about federal money coming to Texas and Social Security.  

Kel Seliger never backs up any of his claims. He does, however, seem to think it is a good thing the Federal government takes Texans’ taxes and misuses them.  He states, “Is it really our money? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.” This makes no sense, nor does any other claim that Kel Seliger states in his interview.  

We as Texans need to stand up to elected officials such as Kel Seliger and tell him it is time to TEXIT.

Call him at (512) 463-0131 and tell him he needs to support TEXIT, or he needs to EXIT!

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