Something Major Is Missing From The Presidential Debate

Something Major Is Missing From The Presidential Debate

< }}” state peacefully withdrawing from the USA and the federal government,” with even a large portion of Democrats backing this idea.

It is a curious notion that if 15 percent is considered enough public support to grant a candidate a national platform in the Presidential debates, then why is an issue like state independence relatively ignored by our state and national leaders? Usually, when a quarter of a country’s population supports an issue, it tends to demand attention. In a cynical political sense, one would even expect officials to exploit it in order to achieve higher office, but instead there’s largely silence. I suppose they recognize that an implication of independence being so popular among their constituents might be that their own leadership is seen as dysfunctional. Many Americans are so fed up with Washington’s insane over-spending and governance that is progressively authoritarian, pushing outside the envelope of Constitutional limits and abridging the rights of the individual, that even secession seems like the logical course. As the two major candidates advance their competing big-government visions for the United States, and as it becomes more and more obvious that Washington is incapable of changing its ill-fated course, I think you’ll find that the ranks of the discontented, those calling for Liberty from Washington, will only swell in the coming months and years.

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