State Representative James White Declares His Support for a TEXIT Vote

State Representative James White Declares His Support for a TEXIT Vote

Many of our elected officials have forgotten just how they got into office and the responsibilities of that office. They were elected….by the people…who voted. Some of them even refuse to discuss the issue of HB 1359, which would place a non-binding referendum on the ballot for people to vote on the issue of Texas Independence. They were elected to represent their constituents but are refusing to even hear their voices. How can they accurately represent their people when they won’t even listen to what they want? 

Not all our elected legislators have forgotten their place. Kyle Biedermann of District 73 filed the bill, and James White of District 19 signed on as Joint Author. Others have signed on as Co-Authors and includes Bryan Slaton of District 2, Steve Toth of District 15, Phil Stephenson of District 85, and Jeff Cason of District 92. We salute these heroes who are bravely standing up for the rights of the people of Texas to vote on issues that are important to them. 

Representative James White recently did an interview with Adam C. Brooks of The Brooks Report. When asked about how he feels about the TEXIT issue, he states, “The question isn’t ‘how I feel about it’, the question is giving people in Texas the opportunity to vote.” He further states that he is “for the people voting.” He realizes the people voted him into office, they vote for who they want to govern them, and they should also be able to vote on who they submit their sovereignty to. He states that voters also voted to join the Union back in the 1840’s, so this is not a new concept. 

He – along with the author and co-authors — is listening to his constituents. They are standing up for the rights of Texans to vote and be heard. They believe in Texans’ rights of self-government and self-determination — concepts near and dear to the Texas Nationalist Movement. 

If your legislator has not signed their name to this bill, contact them directly and let them know you want your voice to be heard! You can find your state representative by visiting

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