Texans Have Rights, Too

Texans Have Rights, Too

George Floyd was a Texan. More importantly, he was a human. His death should have never happened. The video of his arrest is shocking and it demands that a full investigation be done and that justice be served. This does not, however, justify the acts of wanton violence and destruction being carried out in his name.

Make no mistake, Mr. Floyd’s death was only made possible because of the travesty of “qualified immunity” bestowed by federal courts to government officials. Since the 1970s, qualified immunity has given cover to bad actors in government to repeatedly violate the basic and fundamental rights of the people. It is another reason why Texas should leave the union and why establishment politicians fight so hard to keep us in. There should never be two sets of rules – one for the government and one for the people.

People have an absolute right to assemble, to speak freely, and to petition their government to correct these grievances. Those who are outraged by Mr. Floyd’s death are perfectly within their rights to gather, march, demand transparency and justice, and to protest for those reforms.


However, no one has the right to steal and destroy the property of their fellow Texans. No one has the right to initiate force against innocent members of their community. No one has the right to target and deface our sacred memorials and monuments like the Alamo.

George Floyd had a right to life, liberty, and property as does every Texan. The men who died at the Alamo and all throughout the Texas Revolution gave their lives in defense of these fundamental, God-given rights. They died to secure our independence so that the people of Texas never had to endure the destruction of their rights at the hands of any person, group, or government.

Those who are abusing this tragedy to sow the seeds of discord and pit Texan against Texan have been indiscriminate in their attacks meaning that any person or business could potentially be victimized. It is important that those who would seek to hijack the death of George Floyd to deprive innocent Texans of their rights remember that all Texans have an absolute right to bear and use arms in the protection of themselves, their families, their communities, and their property.

No Texan wants to have to use deadly force to protect themselves, their family, or their community, but they will. Ask Santa Anna.

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