“Texas First” Candidates Are Still In The Fight And Need Your Support

The 2022 elections are of monumental importance to the future of Texas. The Texas Nationalist Movement has been working hard to get “Texas First” candidates into office, and some candidates continue to battle for their place in the general election in November. However, some critical positions will be decided on in the primary run-off election on May 24th. These candidates all need your help and support now. 

With so many “establishment” legislators in office who never have and will never have the backbone to stand up for Texans, it is imperative to elect people into office who care about the beloved nation of Texas. In this year’s election proceedings, over 100 legislators and candidates have promised to put Texans first and have done so publicly by signing the “Texas First” Pledge. They pledge to put Texas and Texans first, above all others and be accountable to their constituents. They have pledged to secure and protect Texans’ rights and fight against those who try to infringe on those rights. They will support legislation that would allow Texans to vote on the issue of independence and to work to see the decision of the people realized.

In addition to working toward independence, they also pledge to protect Texas while it remains a member of the union. They will use all available means to secure the borders, restore the integrity of our elections, protect our unique culture and monuments, oppose economic entanglements with non-Texas entities (including the federal government), and advocate for and support the transparency of government.  

Candidate In The Runoffs

Some candidates still need help to win the Republican nomination to go on to the general election. These “Texas First” candidates will be on the ballot for the primary run-off election on May 24th. 

  • Raul Reyes is in a heated run-off battle against Pete Flores for SD24
  • Kathryn Monette is looking for a spot as a member of the SBOE in District 13 against A. Denise Russell 

Political Party Positions Still In-Play

The election on May 24th is not just for primary run-offs. Votes will also be cast for Texas GOP positions, including VP, County Chairs, and Precinct Chairs. The winners of these elections will take office in June, putting them in a position to make a difference in the general election on November 8, 2022. 

Many may not realize the importance of these positions. County Chairs conduct CEC meetings, appoint party officers, chair the County Convention, and submit lists of possible General Election judges and clerks for consideration. They are also the public face of the county party. They directly interact with the media, public, and other county and state leaders. They also oversee recruiting, campaigning, and fundraising for competent volunteers and candidates. 

Precinct Chairs are tasked with promoting party growth, maximizing Republican turnout, registering and informing voters, and getting Republican candidates voted into office. They also recruit volunteers, place signs at polling locations, and assist County Chairs as needed. In addition, Precinct Chairs also cast votes at CEC meetings and may seek to serve as officials in elections, which could help to ensure the integrity and fairness of the elections. 

The following Texas First candidates are seeking these positions:

Candidates Headed To The General Election

Some “Texas First” candidates either did not have Republican challengers or won their primaries. These people will move on to the general election on November 8th. They still need help getting elected, and this takes time, money, and boots on the ground. 

  • Sid Miller will be running against Susan Hays(D) for Commissioner of Agriculture. 
  • Ashton Murray is running to be the next senator of SD26, and will challenge Jose Menendez(D).
  • Dan Mathews won the Republican nomination for HD76, and will be running against the Democratic nominee – yet to be determined by the primary run-off between Lalani and Johnson.
  • Taylor Mondick won the Republican nomination for HD95 and will run against incumbent Nicole Collier(D). 
  • Will Hickman, who currently serves on the State Board of Education for District 6, will be running against Michelle Palmer(D).
  • Julie Pickren will run against Daniel Hochman(D) and Alan Pyeatt(L) for SBOE District 7. 
  • Christopher Gregory will run against incumbent Rodney Lee(D) for JP of Tarrant County, Pct. 4.
  • Susan Haynes is running for County Clerk of Travis County against Dyana Limon-Mercado.
  • James Brawner, Constable of Brazoria County, Pct. 4, has also signed the Texas First Pledge.
  • Susan Williamson, County Chair of Menard County, also promised to put Texas First. 

Outright Winners

These candidates won their respective primary races and will be unopposed in November.

  • State Representative Bryan Slaton will be returning to the Legislature to fight for the TNM’s mission
  • Mike Drury secured the position of County Chair of Wise County GOP
  • Clay Rankin will run unopposed for JP of Hunt County, Pct. 4 

These Patriots Fought For You

There were many missed opportunities to get “Texas First” candidates into office during the March 1st primaries. Any of these candidates would have been better than the candidates who won. Some of them lost by only a few votes, and some would have gotten known TEXIT-haters out of office. 

Allen West, Chad Prather, Don Huffines, Danny Harrison, or Paul Belew could have replaced Dictator Greg Abbott. Texas could have dumped the incompetent Dan Patrick and elected Daniel Miller or Todd Bullis to the Lieutenant Governor’s office. 

Weston Martinez, Ben Armenta, or Jon Spiers – all of which pledged to protect the culture of Texas at all costs – could have been the next Commissioner of the General Land Office. This position is directly responsible for making sure the Alamo and other historical monuments of Texas are protected.

Dennis London ran against HB1359-opposer Justin Holland for SD33. Travis Clardy – who has previously called TEXIT supporters cowards – could have been booted out of office by Greg Caldwell in HD11. Tom Glass ran for SD17 and was denied going on to the run-off by less than 3%. Andy Hopper was short less than 100 votes and could have represented you in HD64.

Although Art Hernandez will not go on to the run-off, Incumbent Phil Stephenson will, and he co-authored the TNM’s HB1359. He advances to the run-off against Stan Kitzman. Either Josh Flynn or Christine Kalmbach could have replaced the incumbent and TEXIT opposer in HD138.

Will Daves only lacked 49 votes to proceed to the run-off election for County Commissioner of Blanco County, Pct. 4. The winner of the run-off will run unopposed in the general election. 

Ajua Mason ran for SBOE Member in District 13, but as previously stated, Texas First candidate Kathryn Monette will be advancing to the run-off election against A. Denise Russell. Ernest Lawson could have been unopposed for County Commissioner of Matagorda County, Pct. 2 in the general election, but lacked only 140 votes against Mike Estlinbaum. 

HB1359 co-author James White (former representative of HD19) could have been the next Commissioner of Agriculture. Carey A. Counsil was also in that race.  

Other Texas First candidates who bravely ran and would have protected the rights of Texans on all issues are: 

  • Dawayne Tipton and Tom Slocum, Railroad Commissioner. 
  • Charles Turner, HD6
  • Joshua Hamm, HD12
  • Trey Rutledge, HD17
  • Jonathan Schober, HD52
  • Wesley Virdell, HD53
  • Matthew Poole, HD57
  • Shelley Luther, HD62
  • Mark Middleton, HD68
  • Michael Champion, HD121
  • Deanna Robertson, HD127
  • Valerie McGilvrey, HD150
  • Warren Norred, SD10
  • Bianca Gracia, SD11
  • Raul Torres, SD27
  • Stormy Bradley, SD31
  • DC Caldwell, Member, SBOE District 11
  • Abolaji Ayobami, Member, SBOE District 7
  • Joshua Tarbay, Member, SBOE District 11
  • Mike Wolfe, Member, SBOE District 6
  • James Patrick Watson, County Commissioner, Blanco County, Pct. 2
  • Tracy Read, Justice of the Peace, Brazoria County, Pct 1 Place 2
  • Paul Christenson, County Tax Assessor-Collector, Ellis County
  • Eric Ramirez, County Commissioner, Fort Bend County, Pct 2
  • Corrina Ruiz, Justice of the Peace, Fort Bend County, Pct 2
  • Matt Robinson, County Commissioner Galveston County, Pct 4
  • Duaine Goulding, County Judge, Johnson County
  • Mark Myers, County Judge, Lavaca County
  • Billy Graff, County Judge, Montgomery County
  • Samantha Woods, Justice of the Peace, Newton County, Pct 1
  • Larry Mike, District Clerk, Tarrant County
  • Robert Buker, County Judge, Tarrant County
  • Larry Dale Carpenter Jr, County Commissioner, Tarrant County, Pct 4
  • Terri Romere, County Commissioner, Williamson County, Pct 4
  • J.T. Cox, County Commissioner, Williamson County, Pct 2
  • Timothy M. Clark, District Judge, 122nd District Court
  • Chad Miller, County Judge, Wise County

As this article is being written, Michael Walls battles incumbent Chris Dunn for School Board Trustee Brazosport ISD, District 5, and Rick Garcia is running against incumbent Jim Rice for School Board Trustee Fort Bend ISD Position 3.

Other Races of Note

Although the following candidates have not signed the Texas First Pledge, they have been associated with supporting and promoting TNM activities in the past. Jeff McManus will be on the ballot on May 24th for County Chair of Bexar County;  

Tim Westley has marched with the TNM Alamo Defenders – and who has been known to speak at the Alamo for years – will be on the ballot in November. As Land Commissioner, he would be in a better position to protect the sanctity of our monuments. 

Texians cannot afford to let any opportunity pass by to get these brave true Texans into office. It’s time to step up and help those who will protect our heritage and culture of independence. Get involved in any way you can. 

To find out more about how you can help, please visit the TNM website, contact your local coordinator, or contact the candidates directly. This time is crucial, and gaining independence from the bureaucrats in D.C. is vital to the future of all Texans. 

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