Texas GOP Chair Comes Out In Favor Of TEXIT Vote

Texas GOP Chair Comes Out In Favor Of TEXIT Vote

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, took on the issue of a TEXIT referendum on the Chris Salcedo Show and expressed his support for the vote.

In the lead up to West’s remarks, Salcedo mentioned that there are several Democrat-led initiatives to add states to the union. Salcedo wanted West’s take on the TNM’s current push for putting the issue of Texas independence on the ballot.

West stated that while he has previously said that Texas should remain in the union, he understands why more Texans are ready to see Texas reassert its status as an independent.

“The people here in Texas have a right to voice their opinions on a critical issue that they’re facing right now,” West commented.

He went on to explain HB 1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act and reinforced the case that the TNM’s been making that it should be up to the people to decide. Citing the Texas Constitution, he made it clear that issues of this magnitude belong in the hands of the people and not just the elected class.

“I don’t understand why anyone would feel that they need to prevent people from having a voice in something that is part of the Texas Constitution… You cannot prevent the people from having a voice.”

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