Texas Independence Referendum Act Referred To Committee

Texas Independence Referendum Act Referred To Committee

The Texas Independence Referendum Act has finally received its first reading in the Texas House and has been assigned to a committee. Here’s what you need to do now.

House Bill 1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act, has finally been assigned to the State Affairs Committee in the Texas House. This is the next step on the long road to passage. There are some specific actions you can take right now to help move it along in the process.

Keep Calling & Visiting Your Representative

Although the focus is beginning to shift to the State Affairs Committee, you still need to keep putting pressure on your specific legislators. Find your Representative here and keep up the pressure. Remember, the ONLY way that they can show their support is by signing on to the bill as a co-author.

Call The State Affairs Committee Chair

State Representative Chris Paddie is now in the driver’s seat on HB 1359. He determines whether or not the bill will get a hearing. Call his office right now and tell him to schedule Representative Biedermann’s HB 1359 for a hearing immediately. His Capitol office number is (512) 463-0556.

Track the Progress of the Bill

You can track the progress of the legislation on the Texas Legislature Online website. This link will take you directly to the bill and you can see whether or not your Representative has signed on as a co-author and track its progress through the legislative process.

Support the TNM’s Efforts

We still need to connect with hundreds of thousands of Texans. Your help is needed. Make a donation to help us stay on radio, and get on TV and billboards. You can also get engaged by helping us connect with pro-TEXIT Texans by sharing the links and resources on our TEXIT Resources page.

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