Texas Nationalist Movement Launches Election Integrity Task Force

In the aftermath of what can only be called a disastrous 2022 Texas Primary, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) has created a new task force focused on election integrity within the state.

The new Election Integrity Task Force is tasked with collecting and investigating election irregularities in the 2022 elections, reporting violations of the Texas Election Code for prosecution and additional legal action, recruiting subject matter experts, building coalitions with other organizations who are concerned about election integrity, creating a legislative framework for election integrity for the 2023 legislative session, and training an army of volunteers to serve the TNM as election watchdogs.

Claver T. Kamau-Imani has been appointed Director of the task force. Kamau-Imani’s recent post was as campaign manager for the 2022 Texas Lt. Governor candidacy of Daniel Miller. He currently serves as a member of the TNM Advisory Board, Chief Advisor to the President of the TNM, and chaplain. 

The TNM has previously spoken out with serious concerns about how elections are conducted in Texas. Members and supporters of the TNM have expressed outrage at the conduct of the just-concluded Texas primary, and the organization’s leadership team is intent on expanding its activism to include the issue of Texas election integrity. Reapportionment of the TNM’s human and financial resources will be executed to accommodate this new focus and organizational priorities. 

A Statement from Claver Kamau-Imani:

“It’s very humbling and an honor to have fellow Texas-first, liberty-driven patriots continue to call on me to play critical roles in our collective activism. I want to express my gratitude to the TNM brain trust for expressing such confidence in my leadership abilities.

“This is a daunting task. We must educate our members, supporters, and concerned Texans of all political stripes about the untrustworthiness of the Texas election system. We must recruit a massive army of volunteers and train them to be election watchdogs. And we must take our fight to the Texas Capitol, where we will be demanding an entirely new election process in this state.

“As of now, Texas does not have a trustworthy election system. As a result, the electorate is full of doubt about election outcomes. Until a trustworthy election system is created in Texas, the legitimacy of the Texas government will remain in question.”

A statement from Daniel Miller, Founder and President of the TNM:

“Establishing this Election Integrity Task Force is crucial to delivering reliable elections in Texas and ensuring that a TEXIT referendum is conducted fairly. Over the years, Claver has become an important part of our team. Post-election, he has already been working on this issue, and it was a natural choice to ask him to continue his current work of investigation into what happened in the 2022 Texas Primary but also take the lead on establishing the ultimate solution to this most-crucial component of our state governance.”

“Be warned. If you put your thumb on the scales of our elections or broke the law, we are coming to find you, expose you, and punish you.”

“Election integrity is non-negotiable, and it is the duty of every Texan who believes in our constitutional republican form of government and the independence of Texas to give 100% to this effort.”

If you would like to get involved in this effort you can volunteer or make a contribution to our efforts. Additionally, if you witnessed anything out of the ordinary or would like to report an election irregularity you can email the new task force at [email protected].

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