Former Texas State Rep Comes Out In Support of Independence

Former Texas State Rep Comes Out In Support of Independence

Jim Landtroop, former State Representative in District 85, has made a strong statement on independence in his current bid for office.

Landtroop represented District 85 in the Texas legislature from 2010 to 2012, but he lost a re-election bid when the districts were redrawn.

In an interview with KCBD News in Lubbock, Landtroop was asked about the issue of Texas secession. Landtroop’s answer was strong and very clear.

I will fall on the sword for Texas’ right to govern themselves. So I am open to any measure or means necessary in order to do that.

His primary opponent. John Frullo, didn’t rule it out. He had this to say:

Secession is one of those things that we all like to talk about, we dream about, we feel that we can do better individually as Texans and as well as a state if we didn’t have Washington D.C. out there helping us. So that’s the exciting part. If you look into the reality it becomes a lot more complex.

Watch the video below.

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