Texas to Spend Additional $25 Million to Protect Southern Border

There is no greater argument to be made for Texas Independence than the ongoing disaster at our southern border. The federal government has broken its contract to protect our State and country from invasion, and Texas taxpayers are shouldering the burden. The question everyone should be asking is this: “If Texas is paying to protect the border, why do we need a federal government?” 

Why are you paying tax dollars to a federal government? Taxes represent a contractual agreement for services. What services are you receiving? Certainly not the border protection promised by the Constitution of the United States. Not only is the federal government failing to do its job by protecting the borders, but they are going to great lengths to stop us from doing that very same job. 

Do not be deceived — this is an invasion.

  1. Illegal immigrants are streaming across the border at unprecedented rates, and the federal government has abandoned the rule of law by releasing thousands of them into the State unchecked. Many of those captured are repeat criminals, and human trafficking is rampant. Counties along the Texas border have made emergency declarations due to the surge in crime, damage to private property, and the strain on hospitals and law enforcement. 
  2. Thousands of immigrants being dropped into Texas communities by the busload are Covid-positive, and thousands more are not even tested. The federal government is putting the lives of all Texans at risk with this practice. Yet with the pretext of a global pandemic and concern for public health, the government is also mandating the masking of American school children and considering “vaccine passports” for American citizens.
  3. People captured crossing the Texas border have been from over 100 different countries. This is not just a migration wave from south and central America. The open border is a free-for-all for America’s enemies from all over the world. International terrorists do not need to worry about visa restrictions or travel bans because they can simply walk across from Mexico.
  4. The dangerous, illegal drug Fentanyl is flooding Texas in amounts never imagined. This is a scientifically-engineered drug — manufactured, not grown. Not only are violent drug cartels proliferating and profiting greatly, but America’s communities are threatened and destroyed by this growing drug crisis.

The invasion of Texas could not be any more real or devastating than if foreign troops and tanks were rolling across our southern border. And the federal government refuses to uphold its duty to protect Texas and the country.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy asks why Texas even joined the union from the floor of the US House of Representatives.

The Tax-Payers’ Burden

Texas has every right to protect itself from foreign invasion, and we will – but at great expense to the State and its citizens.

First, consider that Texans’ state and federal tax dollars are being spent to feed, house, and transport illegal immigrants. A staggering amount of State resources are diverted to healthcare, law enforcement, and border patrol, and more security is needed.

Governor Abbott has proposed a border wall to be funded by Texas with a demand that the U.S. reimburse our expenses. Not only will Texas never see reimbursement from the federal government, but we are spending even more time and money fighting in federal courts as they attempt to block our efforts.

The first step in building a barrier will cost Texans $25 million for only 2 miles of protection. The next expenditure will be closer to $250 million. These hard-earned tax dollars were intended for improving roads and infrastructure and taking care of the people of Texas. Instead, we are defending a federal border in the face of traitorous abandonment by our federal leaders.

Now, Governor Abbott is calling on the citizens of Texas to make private donations towards the wall and raised close to $1 million in a few weeks. How much more does Texas have to give until the people say, “Enough is enough!”?

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