by TNM Staff

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The Federal Government’s COVID-19 Response Plan Revealed

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The TNM has received access to the federal government’s response plan to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are nervous about what’s already happened, wait until you see what could be on the horizon.

We are making this full document available for viewing and download below. Each of you will read it and make your own decisions about it. Here are a few items that caught our attention.

* The COVID-19 Incident Management System was first activated on January 7, 2020

* The plan projects an 18 month timeline for the entire outbreak event

* The plan establishes a “social media listening” team as part of its overall surveillance strategy. The Department of Defense is part of this team.

* The plan allows for the federal government to take control of non-healthcare supply chains to the point that the states would have to request resources. The federal government would have the ability to approve or deny these requests and prioritize their distribution.

There is far more to unpack in this document and we’ll be working on that over the coming days to determine any and all aspects that could be detrimental to Texans.

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