The Pros (and Non-Existant Cons) of an Independent Texas Nation

The Pros (and Non-Existant Cons) of an Independent Texas Nation

There is an endless array of economic and political advantages in forming an independent Texas nation. Without the federal government breathing down the necks and paychecks of the average Texan, Texas will reach a new level of economic prosperity never before seen in any state in the Union.

As of right now, an independent Texas would rank as the 9th largest economy in the world. Without federal bureaucracy and regulation, that number could quickly jump up to 5th. Our economy could roughly equate to that of the UK while still keeping all the money here in the state instead of paying into a federal tax system where only a fraction comes back to benefit the Lone Star State.

Federal regulation not only hurts the US, but it is responsible for an estimated 4 trillion dollars lost in annual GDP during 2012. It also puts Texas’ unskilled workers and low-income households at a disproportionate disadvantage. A study done by George Mason University found that since 1997, total regulatory restrictions have increased by nearly 20% in just two decades.

The same study also looked into how a median household is affected by federal regulation and revealed a bombshell. At the time, the average household income sat at around 58,000 dollars a year. In the absence of federal regulatory accumulation, that figure goes up to 330,000 dollars. The average Texan could expect a 5x bump in the value of take-home pay just by being a self-governed state!

Aside from the economic advantages of self-governance, the political benefits associated with independence could fix the current polarized climate. Many of the grievances and problems come from outside of Texas. In other words, independence would allow the voters of Texas to focus only on issues in Texas. The political sphere would get much smaller and, frankly, a lot easier to manage. Independence would allow the legislature to focus exclusively on local communities and what they need and would even eliminate much of the toxicity involved with federal politics.

Texas will be much better off after a state-wide vote is held, and TEXIT officially takes place. According to the polls, we have more support than BREXIT did when they held their referendum. We must make our voice heard to Texas policymakers and pressure them into calling for a referendum on Texas independence. It is time to make the jump and bring Texas to unprecedented heights of prosperity.

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