THE TEXAS BORDER: Cries For Help and the TEXIT Solution

THE TEXAS BORDER: Cries For Help and the TEXIT Solution

Contrary to the reports from federal apologists, there is an actual crisis on the Texas border. To solve this crisis, Texans will have to look away from the federal government and embrace the only solution left – TEXIT.

As the “situation” at the border fails to be recognized as a “crisis” by the Biden administration, Texas border counties cry out for help. Neither Joe nor Kamala have bothered to come to Texas to see what’s happening first-hand and refuse to offer a solution to the “challenges” faced by Texas residents in the bordering counties. But according to U.S. News, the Biden administration fails to see it as a “crisis.”

However, Texans know this is a crisis. One Republican Party chairman states, “What is happening right now at our nation’s border is both a travesty of justice and a humanitarian tragedy beyond all comprehension.” He continues to say that it “threaten[s] the peace and property of citizens, and drain[s] local law enforcement resources – putting the lives of Texans in jeopardy every day.” In the Press Release dated April 15, 2021, they join with others to raise the alarm over the “catastrophe” along the border.

Cries are being heard from many towns and counties all along the Texas-Mexico border.

Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez from Val Verde County wrote to USA Today and stated that the four deputies he has patrolling the 110 miles of border in his county are just not enough to stop migrants from invading his town. He urges them to come witness for themselves what border communities deal with daily. He says people are dying trying to cross the Rio Grande, including a Haitian woman pregnant with twins and her husband. More people are getting injured and killed in high-speed chases in his county. Two of those people were U.S. citizens, including an 11-year-old girl.  He states, “I know there’s a crisis. We are living it, every single day,” and calls the situation “overwhelming.”

Mayor Luis Sifuentes of Eagle Pass (Maverick County) pleads for help in an interview with Fox News.  He speaks of the invasion of the illegal immigrants, who try to evade capture by hiding in homes, backyards, and patios, causing concern and fear in the border town residents. “We have asked President Biden’s office again and again” for help, but no Biden spokesperson has responded to his cries for help in protecting the Texas residents in his community.

Lupe Cabrera, a business owner in the border town of Granjeno, Texas, in Hidalgo County told Fox News that he comes to work in the mornings to find immigrants hiding in the bathrooms inside his business and his brother finds immigrants hiding inside the trucks at his nearby trucking company. This is almost a daily occurrence for which he blames the Biden administration when they halted the construction of the unfinished border wall near his business.

Henry Cuellar, Representative from District 28, which includes Webb, Zapata, and Starr Counties, along with parts of Hidalgo, pleads with the Biden Administration in an interview to address the “crisis.” Even Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia reiterate the term “crisis” and plea with the Biden Administration to beef up border security. Although Cuellar voted opposed the funding of the border wall, he stated in a press release on April 2nd that “it should never be acceptable for political inaction to impact the federal government’s obligation to secure our border.” His district covers the Rio Grande Valley area from McAllen to Laredo and for approximately 100 miles of the Rio Grande north of Laredo.

An organization called Concerned Far West Citizens for Legal Immigration also cried out for help. These are residents and officials from Jeff Davis, Presidio, Culberson, Hudspeth, and Brewster Counties who issued a letter to Gary Peters, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. In this letter, they describe that Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed with foot traffic and unable to protect the citizens. They are finding dead bodies, fires are being started that endangers livestock, homes are broken into, thefts of cars, trucks, and horses are occurring, and pastures are being littered with things harmful to the livestock. In general, the residents are living in constant fear. The group told the Avalanche that people in Washington and Austin “have no idea what we’re going through.”

Brent Smith, Attorney for Kinney County, issued a statement to the people and to the Texas government regarding the crisis at the border. He states, “Words cannot adequately describe the conditions on the ground and the vast number of illegal aliens that are flooding into our county. All of this has resulted in the deaths of several people and tremendous amounts of property damage.” It is no longer safe for residents to go outside at night or for children to play outside, and they do not feel safe inside their own homes.

Representative Bryan Slaton of District 2 released this statement to Texans on March 9th regarding what Texans can do to get Texas officials to build their own wall. He told the National Review that he has filed legislation that will allow Texas to finish the border wall and stop the “surge of migrants at our southern border that’s reaching crisis-level proportions.” HB2862, which has been referred to committee, would establish funds from the national stimulus to restart wall construction and require Governor Abbott to seek reimbursement from the federal government for the cost.

Although the U.S. Government has a duty to protect the states and the citizens from “invasion or imminent harm,” pleas for help have gone unanswered. Texas needs to secure its borders, and Governor Abbott has the power to make that happen. If he fails to do so, Brent Smith urges counties to band together and combine their resources to protect their residents and enforce the current federal immigration laws established by Congress, despite any unconstitutional executive orders.

A free and independent Texas would not have to depend on the federal government to secure its borders. Even though Texas has the resources to secure our borders, they have tied the hands of Texans to be able to do so. Illegal immigration affects Texas more so than any other state, and the federal government fails to see it as an issue. They have made it very clear that they do not care about Texans!

 It’s time Texans stand up for Texas. HB1359, otherwise known as the TEXIT bill, would allow Texas to get out from under the uncaring bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., and establish a government of Texans, by Texans, and for Texans. This bill is already in committee but has met with resistance from our own legislators. Call your legislators today and let them know you want Texans running Texas!

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