TNM Brings Texas Independence To Italian Conference

TNM Brings Texas Independence To Italian Conference

The Texas Nationalist Movement will bring the message of Texas independence to an upcoming international conference in Milan, Italy.

The conference, titled “The World Toward A Multi-Polar Future”, will be held November 26-28 and will host speakers from around the world on a range of topics centered around the right of self-determination.

The TNM, the largest independence organization in the United States and one of the largest in the world, will be presenting at two of the sessions. The presentations are titled “Nationalism: The Counter Point To Globalism” and “Self Determination: The Path To Peace”.

Both presentations will deliver a Texas perspective on nationalism and self-determination and will reinforce the TNM’s commitment to bring the vision of Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution to a global audience.

The TNM’s Nate Smith explains the importance of participating in these conferences in the fight for Texas independence.

“The situation in Texas is not unique. The consolidation of power into the hands of unelected bureaucrats is happening in Europe, just as it is in Washington. In the midst of our campaign to get and win a binding vote on Texas independence, it is important to share the vision of a free and independent Texas with those facing similar challenges, both here in the United States and abroad.”


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