TNM Proposes Legislation To End Alamo Controversy

TNM Proposes Legislation To End Alamo Controversy

The Texas Nationalist Movement has released draft legislation that could end much of the current controversy swirling around the Texas General Land Office’s management of the Alamo. Called “The Alamo Preservation Act” this legislation would place management of the Alamo under the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department who are already charged with managing all other historical sites related to the Texas Revolution.

President of the TNM Daniel Miller summarized the legislation.

“This proposed legislation would close the books on a seven year experiment where the General Land Office was given a job well outside of its constitutional authority and experience. The Alamo should be managed by the department that has an excellent track record of managing all major historical sites related to the Texas Revolution and that is the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.”

Since its removal from the management of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and its placement under the authority of the General Land Office, the Alamo has undergone a never-ending series of controversies that included the highly unpopular “Reimagine The Alamo Plan”, accusations of financial irregularities, and the decision to move the venerated Alamo Cenotaph. These controversies culminated in a dramatic interrogation of Land Commissioner George P. Bush by a Senate committee in the last legislative session where he was unable to assure the committee of a resolution to any of the outstanding controversies. 

Legislation placing the Alamo under the management of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department was first proposed in 1989 and the following five sessions. In 2011, legislation passed that was introduced by State Representative Ryan Guillen (D) and State Senator Leticia Van de Putte (D) that placed the Alamo under the auspices of the General Land Office.

Miller says that the Texas Legislature is ready to take action on the Alamo.

“The TNM is currently in discussions with members of the Texas House and Senate who are as frustrated and concerned with this situation as we are. The goal is to get this legislation passed in the 2019 session so that we can begin to put the management of the Alamo back on the right track and secure the ‘Shrine of Texas Liberty’ for future generations of Texans.”

Miller knows that passage of this legislation is not assured.

“Supporters of the Alamo will have to refocus their efforts. Some groups have focused on unseating George P. Bush while some have been focused on pressuring the San Antonio City Council. While these efforts strike at parts of the problem, the only real solution for this issue is in the chambers of the Texas Legislature and placing the Alamo under management that has the right level of trust and experience to do the job. I encourage every Texan to download a copy of this legislation and directly contact their elected representatives urging their support.”

A copy of the proposed legislation can be downloaded here: Alamo Preservation Act – 2019

We urge all groups currently working to preserve the Alamo to connect with the TNM to coordinate efforts on passage of the Alamo Preservation Act.


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