TNM’s Candidate Endorsement Survey Is Live

TNM’s Candidate Endorsement Survey Is Live

With the filing window closing for the 2020 elections, the Texas Nationalist Movement has officially launched it’s candidate endorsement process. Here’s what you need to know to find the best pro-Texas, pro-TEXIT candidates running for office.

Much like previous election cycles, any candidate who is seeking an endorsement from the TNM will go through a three step process.


Each candidate seeking the endorsement of the TNM will complete a candidate survey. This survey includes standard biographical data and measures the candidate’s alignment with the TNM’s mission and values. Unlike previous election cycles, a candidate must be a declared supporter to access the survey.


In this stage, each candidate who completes the survey will be thoroughly vetted using standard vetting techniques, video interviews, as well as advanced data analytics powered by IBM’s Watson supercomputer.


The final stage of the endorsement process will place the candidates before the membership of the TNM for debate and a vote. Only members in good standing of the TNM will have access to the full survey responses and have the ability to comment and vote. Members can vote to endorse, not endorse, or oppose a candidate. Preference will be given to candidates who are current members of the TNM. 

As in previous election cycles, we will not be endorsing in any federal race.

What To Do If You’re Not A Candidate

Although we’ll be reaching out to every candidate that we possibly can, we can’t reach everyone. As a Texas voter, we are asking you to share the survey link with your candidates and let them know that their responses will determine whether or not they get your vote.

In addition, only members will be able to vote to determine who receives the TNM’s official seal of approval. If you are not a member, now is a great time to join the TNM.

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