Undeniable: TNM Crosses Major Milestone For #TEXIT

< }}” alt=”300k.png” width=”250″ />Across the nation of Texas, and certainly here at the Texas Nationalist Movement, there is reason to celebrate today! The growing number of Texans that have pledged to cast their vote in favor of an independent Texas, should the Texas Legislature give us a referendum, has just passed the 300,000 mark.

As of this writing, 309,291 of our citizens are committed to the proposition that the destiny of Texas is better served in the hands of actual Texians and not in the hands of one President, 9 SCOTUS justices, 497 politicians that Texas has no hand in electing, and an infinite amount of unelected federal regulators.

The message is certainly getting out that if Texas wants a bright future for her children, it won’t be possible through the bloated and intractable government in D.C. This is because the federal government in Washington is far more concerned with finding new ways of running our lives than staying inside its Constitutional boundaries and dealing with the issues with which they’re supposed to be concerned.

To put this into context, the Convention of States Project recently boasted of 92,000 supporters in Texas and Texans for Lawsuit Reform, one of the largest and most powerful lobbying groups in Texas, claims 17,000 supporters.

If you want to pledge your vote for a free and independent Texas, please follow the link below. Also, let your friends and family know! As we are joined by more and more Texians who would not see their Liberty slowly phased out, driving that tally of pledges up, the less Austin (and D.C.) will be able to ignore our voices. We will have our say at the ballot box. But for now, it’s time to celebrate.

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