Unite for Texas Border Security: How the ‘How Many More?’ Rally Aligns with TEXIT and TNM Goals

We know that the only way Texas will ever be able to fully secure our border and enact sensible immigration policies is for Texas to become a self-governing independent nation. However, there are steps that can be taken right now to stem the tide and repel the invasion on our southern border.

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) and the TEXIT movement have long advocated for the independence and sovereignty of Texas. That’s why the upcoming “How Many More?” rally, scheduled for April 29, 2023, at the Texas Capitol, is an event you won’t want to miss. Although not directly organized by the TNM, this rally’s goals align closely with our mission to make Texas a self-governing, independent nation.

The “How Many More?” rally focuses on four key demands, each directly linked to the major concerns about the border of the TNM and TEXIT supporters:

  1. Declare an invasion of our Southern Border
  2. Define Mexican Cartels as terror organizations
  3. Seize cartel bank accounts and assets
  4. Establish a Texas Border Defense Unit

By addressing these issues, we can create a safer, more secure environment for Texans, ultimately strengthening our case for independence. Here’s why the rally’s demands matter to the TNM and the TEXIT movement:

Asserting Texas Sovereignty

A declaration of invasion at our southern border highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for Texas to take control of its own destiny. This action demonstrates our resolve to protect our sovereignty and establish a more secure future as an independent nation.

Confronting Mexican Cartels

Mexican cartels pose a significant threat to the public safety and national security of Texas, as they engage in drug trafficking, human smuggling, and other criminal activities. By defining these organizations as terror groups, we emphasize the need for a more aggressive approach to dismantling their operations and reducing their influence on our communities.

Disrupting Cartel Finances

Seizing cartel bank accounts and assets directly weakens their financial foundation, diminishing their capacity to conduct criminal activities and exploit Texans. This measure aligns with the TNM’s goals of promoting security and self-sufficiency within Texas, further bolstering the case for independence.

Establishing a Texas Border Defense Unit

A dedicated Texas Border Defense Unit not only provides an additional layer of protection for our communities but also serves as a powerful symbol of our commitment to independence. This unit will help ensure the safety of our residents and demonstrate our ability to govern and protect ourselves as a sovereign nation.

The “How Many More?” rally is an opportunity for TEXIT supporters and TNM members to unite in addressing the pressing issues affecting our southern border. By participating in this event, we can amplify our collective voice and demonstrate our commitment to Texas sovereignty, public safety, and national security. Let’s come together on April 29 to demand decisive action and protect the future of Texas independence.

Attend the ‘How Many More?’ Rally

Join us in demanding action on these critical issues by attending the “How Many More?” rally:

  • Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023
  • Time: 1:00 PM (US/Central)
  • Location: Texas Capitol, 1100 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

You can register at this link.

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