US Congressman Signals His Support For #TEXIT

US Congressman Signals His Support For #TEXIT

One of the most frequent questions that we receive in the Texas Nationalist Movement is whether or not any elected officials support TEXIT. A sitting U.S. congressman just made it abundantly clear where he stands on the issue.

U.S. Congressman Randy Weber took to Facebook and signaled his support for Texas independence. He posted a widely-circulated graphic of Texans pushing Texas away from the rest of the United States that has become a go-to for TNM and TEXIT and supporters.

Weber is now one of several elected officials who have expressed their openness to the TNM’s mission over the years. The real question for Texans, though, is where their own elected officials stand on the issue.

The TNM has created a section on our website to help supporters connect with their State Representatives and Senators on the issue of TEXIT. It can be found at this link.

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