Video Released of Republican Debate on Texas Independence

Video Released of Republican Debate on Texas Independence

If you had to pick one instance that ranked as the most important in the modern history of Texas nationalism until now, it would have to be the floor debate from the 2016 Convention of the Republican Party of Texas. There, in the biggest political party in the state, at one of the biggest gatherings of its kind in the world, for nearly 45 minutes, the merits of Texas reasserting its independence and leaving the Union was openly considered and debated in front of Texas and the world. Even though it had the votes on the floor, the proposition to affirm Texas independence as a plank in the RPT platform was killed by dirty tricks from the RPT chairman, However, it was still a huge moment for the Texas Nationalist Movement and a resounding confirmation of the legitimacy of its mission and organization. Nothing else has come close.

Although such an event was affirming for the supporters of Texas independence, to the leadership of the RPT under Chairman Mechler, it was a glittering monument to just how badly he, and others like him, read their own party and the people of Texas, not to mention a reminder of how they had to manipulate the rules in order to hold down a legitimate grassroots movement that threatened the political class in Texas. Because of this, and despite nearly two years of requests that the official footage from that convention be released, the visual record of that floor-debate was kept hidden… until now!

Thanks to the new RPT Chairman James Dickey, in early March, all of the footage from the 2016 RPT Convention was released to the public via Youtube. And, exclusive to TNM, we have the edited highlights and audio excerpts from the momentous floor debate that officially heralded back into to the mainstream of Texas politics the cause of independence. At last, the world can see just how far we came in advancing the goal of an independent Texas. We can see how close we are to victory.

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