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Watch This Candidate’s Epic Response To A Question About #TEXIT
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This should be a reminder to the political class. Don’t mess with Texas independence.

Claver Kamau-Imani, a candidate for Texas House District 138, was participating in a short town hall meeting for Village Republican Women. In the abbreviated Q&A section, Claver was asked about his affiliation with the Texas Nationalist Movement and his vocal support of TEXIT.

Rather than backing down, Claver took the opportunity to remind the attendees of what TEXIT is and why he supports it. While it seemed like a “gotcha” question that its author expected to use to get Claver to dither and turn the audience against him, it didn’t go as expected.

Watch the entire exchange below and pay special attention to the audience’s response.

Candidate Gets Asked About #TEXIT

Claver Kamau-Imani, a candidate for Texas House District 138, gets asked about his support for #TheTNM and #TEXIT. His reponse is epic and the crowd's response is electric. You can find out more about Claver's campaign at

Posted by Texas Nationalist Movement on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The political class expects pro-Texas, pro-TEXIT candidates to turn into sheepish navel-gazers when challenged. They forget that polls consistently show that support for a vote on TEXIT is high in Texas and growing by the day. They also seem to forget that a majority of Republican voters and half of independent voters in Texas are in favor of independence.

You can learn more about Claver Kamai-Imani and his campaign at You can also see a full list of candidates endorsed by the TNM for the 2020 primaries at this link: TNM VOTES 2020

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