What To Do When Your Representative Doesn’t Support TEXIT

What To Do When Your Representative Doesn’t Support TEXIT

If your representatives don’t represent you in your support for TEXIT, then there is one way, and only one way, to fix that.

When elected officials in Texas won’t stand up for Texas, then you should stand in their place. It is time to flex our political muscle. To this end, the TNM has officially launched its candidate recruitment efforts.

The program is only open to members of the TNM and we are focusing exclusively on finding candidates for State Representative and State Senator.

If you are ready to knock your anti-TEXIT representatives out of the box and show them that there is a political price to be paid for standing between you and a vote on TEXIT, then now is the time.

To get the process started, visit https://tnm.me/runforoffice and we’ll take it from there.

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