< }}” alt=”srec-voigtsberger.png” width=”250″ />SREC member from SD8, Karl Voigtsberger, predicts that a call for a vote on Texas independence will be on the Republican Party platform after the 2016 convention.

During an interview on Raging Elephants Radio, Voigtsberger was asked what he believed would happen at the RPT convention in May 2016. Although he made other predictions related to party governance and the overall tone of the convention, he specifically responded to the groundswell of support surrounding a vote on Texas independence.

I certainly think that on the Platform Committee you’re going to see the Texas independence issue come up and be put in to our platform.

The RPT is currently dealing with what has been characterized as an insurgency against the party establishment that has fought to suppress pro-independence sentiment for years. But, as has been reported by the Texas Nationalist Movement, the numbers are in our favor.

TNM President Daniel Miller had this to say on the matter.

This is an opportunity for the RPT to embrace what polls have repeatedly shown. Since 2009, polls have shown that a majority of Republican voters in Texas believe that Texas would be better off as an independent nation. The party leadership has failed on every level to acknowledge these voters, as well as disaffected Republicans and the roughly half of independents that believe in an independent Texas. My message to Texas Nationalists in the Republican Party is simple – it’s time to take your party back.

You can hear the sound clip of Mr. Voigtsberger below.

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