< }}” alt=”texas-olympics.jpg” width=”250″ />Texas has long held a particular passion for all things sports, and has consistently produced the highest tiers of competitors, winners, champions, and outright sporting legends – and Texas representation in the 2016 Rio Olympics was no different.

If Texas were it’s own nation and sent it’s own athletes to the Olympic Games in Rio this year, according to the Houston Chronicle’s admittedly overzealous inclusion criteria, Texans would be bringing home the 2nd most Gold medals with 26, surpassed only by Great Britain at 27, and tied with China. Without Texans at the Olympics, the United States would’ve been only 5th in Golds.

As far as overall medal count, Texas would be tied with Germany at 6th, with 42 total.

Admittedly, the Golds won by Texans as reported by the Chronicle are a bit inflated due to inclusion of team sports like Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Team Relays, Volleyball, and Soccer, and the contributions of Texans to those particular wins, or whether Texas could field an entire team worthy of an Olympic medal will forever be debatable – until of course, Texas does.

Excluding all team-based events, Texans in individual competitions still came home with 9 Golds, 2 Silvers, and 7 Bronzes, for 18 total individual medals, still placing Texas in the top-ten nations in medal count if, again, all team-based events were excluded.

We here at the TNM are looking forward to the 2020 Olympics when we will field a national Texas Olympic team.

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