< }}” alt=”DoorKnock_1_.jpg” width=”300″ />While the TNM’s petition campaign to put a referendum on the March 2016 primary ballot has drawn accusations of “back door” politics, this week shows that we are not afraid to take a more direct approach.

The TNM’s current petition campaign uses a never-before-used section of the Texas Election Code to, by petition, force a resolution on the Republican Party primary ballot. However, for years, resolutions of this nature have been placed on the ballot by the party’s State Republican Executive Committee (SREC).

In a recent Texas Tribune interview, TNM President Daniel Miller explained why the TNM chose the petition route rather than directly through the SREC.

“We have had our hand slapped,” Miller said. “We have been rebuffed, and not just us as an organization, but essentially anyone in any position inside the (Republican) party that has advocated for this position has been rebuffed.”

That changed this week when SREC member Tanya Robertson formally introduced the TNM’s resolution for consideration by the Resolutions Committee in December.

The language of the resolution is substantially similar to the TNM’s resolution introduced in the Texas Legislature by State Representative James White as HCR 77 and places the question of Texas independence on the ballot in much the same way as the petition campaign.

Miller states, “This allows the TNM to begin a dialogue with the RPT to discuss, what we know, is the defining political issue for our time – Texas relationship with the Union and the independence of Texas.”

This approach proves one thing that the TNM has said from the start, according to Miller.

“Our organization does not exist solely to petition. We will use every opportunity to get and win a vote on Texas independence until the job is done.”

For the next two weeks, we are encouraging all of our supporters to call and email their SREC representative and urging them to either file a similar resolution or support the resolution filed by Robertson. Here is a link to the directory of SREC members, the Senate district that they represent and their contact information: http://www.texasgop.org/leadership-directory/state-republican-executive-committee/

Texas registered voters can still pledge to sign the petition here: http://thetnm.org/petition

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