< }}” alt=”1836-club-header_1_.jpg” width=”250″ />I’m excited today to announce our new 1836 Club, an exclusive group of Texans who enjoy some great benefits as a bonus for supporting a cause they believe in. 

As we continue to blaze the trail of Texas’ second struggle for independence, it is reassuring to know that we are in a stage of growth that demands more resources for success. You may be thinking ‘seriously, it’s a good thing that we need more money?’


As I mentioned in my open letter, a couple of days ago, TNM has pivoted to a new phase. The hard work that you and I have been putting in over the last decade has brought us to this wonderful moment where we now get to focus on building the organizational capacity and identifying enough supporters to win a BINDING referendum on Texas Independence. Of course, like any major campaign, our election date is on the horizon, but it is now we lay the groundwork that will bring success.

This phase of our mission has the goal of identifying over 5 million Texans who will vote FOR independence. We know they are out there, but like any political campaign, the challenge is to identify the existing supporters, persuade the undecided, and mobilize both to the polls to vote on the issue. Independence referendums have historically yielded a very high voter turnout, so 5 million is the target for victory. We are seeking more votes in favor of Independence than the entire voter turnout for the 2012 or 2014 Texas general elections. Think of the funding necessities for this campaign as falling between a Governor’s race and a successful Presidential candidate.

This is where the 1836 Club comes in. Grassroots funding support is absolutely critical to our success. Building upon a base of monthly donations gives our organization the vital resources to make some important financial commitments. We need to invest in training our volunteers, building our technology resources, adding full time staff, and increasing our monthly outreach expenditures. These are necessary expenses for any successful campaign.

So what exactly is the 1836 Club?

It’s an exclusive group of Texans who enjoy some great benefits as a bonus for supporting a cause they believe in. Once-a-quarter there is a unique Texas gift that may be a clothing item, book, CD, etc. Every 1836’er can proudly display the unique car decal. There is even exclusive access to leadership calls, website features, priority registration to events, special access to TNM store items which may include some discounts, and of course other perks we discover to thank you for your commitment to monthly giving.  

By signing up for the 1836 Club, you are saying YES for Texas. You are saying the best government for Texas is the one Texans elect and that always acts in the best interest of Texans and only Texans. You’re saying “I am a Texan and I’m giving to secure the future of my beloved home!”

Click here to say “YES!”: http://thetnm.org/1836

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