< }}” alt=”_TEXIT.png” width=”200″ />In the wake of the decision by British voters to exit the European Union (Brexit) on Thursday, the Texas Nationalist Movement is formally calling on the Texas Governor to support a similar vote for Texans.

“It is past time that the people of Texas had their say on our continued relationship with the Union and its sprawling Federal bureaucracy,” said Daniel Miller, President of the TNM.

“The win for Brexit opens the door for Texit by establishing, concretely, that it is possible to have an adult conversation on independence and letting the people have the final say.”

Bolstered by a surge of support for a vote on independence and the Brexit victory, the TNM believes that it is time for a referendum on the issue.

Miller continued:

“For over a decade the TNM has been on the forefront of calling out the overreach of and abuse of Texas by the Federal Government. Unlike the professional complainers in the political class we have proposed the only solution to this problem – Texas independence. It is past time that the Governor and the rest of the Legislature respond to the large number of Texans who want their say on the matter and give us a vote.”

Executive Director of the TNM, Nate Smith, is confident that the TNM has the momentum to force an independence referendum. And he points to the 260,000 supporters, hundreds of thousands of social media followers, and ceaseless activism on the issue since 2004 as a great beginning.

“For several years now, we have been receiving new supporters and volunteers at a pace like we have never seen. And as word about the Brexit referendum has spread throughout Texas, people are realizing that the TNM is offering a real choice and a real solution and not just more of the same.”


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