< }}” alt=”petition-social-graphic.png” width=”200″ />The Texas Nationalist Movement has launched a campaign to give the people of Texas an opportunity to vote on Texas independence in March 2016.

TNM President Daniel Miller states: “For far too long the elected class in Austin has ignored the voice of the people on the issue of Texas independence. If they won’t give us a binding vote through the Legislature, then the TNM will give the people of Texas an opportunity to have a voice in their political future. And there is absolutely nothing that they can do to stop it.”

The official announcement comes on the heels of the 23 city, 4000 mile “Take Texas Back” tour to train petition circulators and introduce supporters to the petition effort.

The TNM is utilizing a little-used section of the Texas Election Code that allows a question to be placed on a party Primary ballot with enough signatures.

Miller is clear on what this means for the people of Texas.

“Texans will have an opportunity to go to the polls and voice their support for Texas independence in March. The results of this vote will be undeniable to the elected officials in Austin. It will be impossible for them to ignore Texans who want independence.”

The support is evident in numerous polls that showed a majority of Republicans and Independents believed that Texas should leave the Union and become an independent nation.

The organization has set a goal of 75,000 signatures which is slightly higher than the required 68,000.

TNM Chief-of-Staff Nate Smith explained the rationale.

“We understand that there are people that are opposed to even letting the people vote on this issue. We want to make sure that we have enough of a buffer to keep that from happening. Honestly, we expect to submit well over 75,000 signatures.”

To achieve this goal, the TNM has committed to training and placing over 1,000 petition circulators in the field.

Smith elaborates, “We have enough supporters in the TNM to get more than the 75,000 and more are coming in every day. But since this is a legal petition, we must physically get our supporters in front of a circulator to get their signature. It’s a process and the more people we have trained in the field the sooner we can get this done.”

The TNM urges everyone who supports Texas independence to help make this happen. As Daniel Miller has said, “The only thing standing between Texas and independence are Texans.”

Those wanting to sign the petition can get started here: http://thetnm.org/petition

Those wanting to volunteer to collect petition signatures can get started here: http://thetnm.org/beacpc

Those wanting to financially support the petition effort can do so here: http://thetnm.org/ftp


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