With the 2017 Legislative Session at an end, candidates are already announcing their intention to run for state-level offices. This has prompted questions from our supporters on who the Texas Nationalist Movement will be endorsing in this next election cycle and how that process works.

We’re going to be handling this election cycle differently than previous elections. Here’s where everything stands as of right now.


We will be relaunching the TNM Political Action Committee in the coming weeks where you will be able to stay up-to-date on our election efforts. In addition, you will be able to contribute PAC-specific funds that will be earmarked for election activities.


In the past, the TNM has directly endorsed candidates in a very few instances. Instead, we have relied on candidates signing the “Texas Independence Pledge” which is something akin to the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” that candidates sign.

Endorsements are a serious matter for us as I am sure they are for you as well. Because of the seriousness involved, we want to make sure that if we put the TNM seal on a candidate, that they are the appropriate standard-bearers for our mission and principles.

The process is changing and we’re putting you in charge.

Now endorsements will be done in stages. First, to be considered for an endorsement, a candidate must sign the “Texas Independence Pledge”. Then, the candidate will be added to a publicly available list where TNM supporters can learn more about the candidate.

In the next stage, candidates that have signed the pledge will answer a TNM-specific questionnaire, submit for an interview with the Texian Partisan, and will be working to earn your support by submit a 3-5 minute video directly addressing the supporters of TNM or speaking at as many TNM local meetups as possible.

At the end of the filing period, all of the candidates will be presented to the TNM membership and they will vote on the candidates. Candidates that win the support of the TNM members in their race, will receive the endorsement from the TNM and be eligible to receive contributions from the TNM-PAC and receive assistance from the TNM for their campaigns.

You are in the driver’s seat.

Values & Engagement Matter

The result is simple. The more a candidate, from whatever party and for whatever office, is aligned with the mission and values of the TNM and is engaged with our members, the higher the likelihood that they will receive the endorsement. But lip service isn’t enough. TNM supporters will be looking at how committed a candidate is to acting on our mission and values and how averse they are to acting against them. That is why we are giving our members a “none of the above” option in the voting process.

What is at stake for these candidates is the support of one of the largest organizations in Texas. More than that, though, is the direct support of the members of the TNM.

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