9 Ways You Can Help The TNM Achieve Texas Independence

Not a day goes by without someone reaching out to the Texas Nationalist Movement asking how they can personally help us fulfill our mission of a free and independent Texas. Here are 9 ways that you can get involved right now.

Follow the TNM on every social media platform & share posts.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is everywhere on social media. Primarily we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Go to each one of those outlets where you have an account and LIKE, FOLLOW, or SUBSCRIBE. Be sure that you turn your notifications on so you can see our posts. When you see a post from us, SHARE it.

Pledge your support.

To get and win our independence, we need to organize. To organize, we have to know who our supporters are and be able to communicate with them. That includes you. Even if you have previously signed a petition or connected with us over the years, you want to be absolutely sure that we’re still connected. You can do that at tnm.me/action.

Show your support.

If you’ve pledged your support, it does no good if you keep your support hidden. Political and social movements suffocate when deprived of air. Public support is that air. Odds are that you are surrounded by people in your everyday life that silently support Texas independence but have never found an outlet for that support or plugged in to a community that encourages that support. You could be that person.

Wear the official TNM t-shirt. Fly the TNM flag. Let the world know that you support the TNM’s work toward Texas independence and you may be surprised how many people follow your lead as you point them in the right direction.

Become a member.

Like virtually every other organization out there, the TNM is a membership organization. That means that although you may have declared your support, you may not necessarily be a member. Just like owning a gun doesn’t make you a member of the NRA, declaring support for the TNM is not the same as being a member. 

Membership is a next-level commitment for Texans who really want to see Texas become a free and independent nation. In a society that has eroded the value of commitment, it is a show of support on your part that you really want to see Texas independence. Members are the ones who get the job done and your membership allows the TNM to continue its effective, non-stop advocacy for Texas independence. 

Become a volunteer.

You may not be able to do everything but history has shown that everyone can do something. For most, that something is volunteering to help the TNM connect with Texas voters to find more independence supporters. To get and win our independence we need to connect with a minimum of 1.2 million supporters. That only happens through volunteers who have conversations with their friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

There are also additional volunteer opportunities that leverage your professional or life experience. This includes things such as blogging, writing, graphic design, public speaking, creating videos, social media management, management, sales & marketing, fundraising, teaching, training, organizing, web development, database design & implementation, data entry, customer service, political campaigning, research, editing, event organizing & production, or anything else that we haven’t thought of. You name it, we’ll find a place for you. You can even volunteer to help us organize in your county.

Start a monthly contribution.

Reaching Texans with our message is expensive. Organizing those Texans into an effort to get and win a referendum on independence is even more expensive. We have no large donors or benefactors that underwrite our efforts. Everything that the TNM does come from contributions made by people like you. 

With politicians and PAC raking in millions of dollars that are being used to erode our independence and freedoms, we need every supporter to help us fund the fight. Well-wishes and good thoughts won’t get us one second of airtime on TV, won’t get us a single billboard, or put a sandwich in the hands of a volunteer who has knocked a thousand doors. A monthly contribution of $5, $10, or $50 from all of our supporters could help us do more in the fight for independence and do it faster.

If you’re not content just being a solo donor, you could always take a page from the political campaign playbook and host a fundraiser. Gather your friends and others interested in our work, contact us, and we’ll send someone.

Contact your elected officials.

It’s no secret that it will take the support of elected officials to make Texas independence a reality. Do you know where your elected representatives stand on independence? Ask them. From the statehouse to the schoolhouse, it is imperative that anyone elected to public office is forced to take a stand on the issue of independence.

Even more important than you learning their stance on the issue, they need to know that you support independence. Elected officials are often accused of sticking their finger in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing. It’s true. Therefore, make sure that they know that the wind is blowing toward independence.

Run for office.

If you don’t like what your elected officials say about independence, then they don’t represent you. If they don’t represent you, then you should replace them. There is no better replacement than you.

Consider running as a TNM candidate. Although we are not a political party, we are not prevented from organizing candidates to run for office under the banner of our mission, principles, and policies. You could be the next City Council member, Mayor, School Board member, County Commissioner, County Judge, State Representative, State Senator, or Governor. You just have to commit to being the pro-independence TNM candidate that Texans in your area are looking for.

Invite a TNM speaker to your club or group.

If you are a member of another civic organization that hosts regular meetings, invite a speaker from the TNM to come talk about Texas independence.

We have visited hundreds of civic and political organizations since our inception and delivered insightful, professional, and informative presentations on independence, the TNM’s work, cultural issues, political hot button issues, and more. The TNM addresses all of these groups with an openness about the issues that concern all Texans and with the perspective of how independence can deliver solutions to the challenges that all Texans face.

Getting It Done

Getting Texas independence is a process. There are no shortcuts and no free rides. For anyone who thinks independence can be achieved for free, there are several US presidential campaigns that we could direct you to that promise “free stuff for all” that would be a better fit than the TNM.

Texas independence can be won and you can be a part of making that happen. How many of the items on the list are you willing to do to help make it happen?

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