Alamo Guard! Muster!

Alamo Guard! Muster!

Saturday, October 13, 2012, the Texas Nationalist Movement was proud to introduce the Alamo Guard to the people of San Antonio.

Instituted as a ceremonial group of TNM volunteers, they are tasked with preserving and memorializing the “Cradle of Texas Liberty” – The Alamo.

Headed by their Captain, Chris Jacka, the Alamo Guard will conduct a monthly memorial march and wreath laying at the Alamo on the second Saturday at 7pm.

Below is a letter from Captain Jacka.

My Fellow Texans,

As you know, our history and culture are under attack everyday. Sadly, one of our most sacred historical sites is not above this. Members of the community here in San Antonio would see our beloved Alamo reduced to nothing but a cheap tourist carnival. However, the Texas Nationalist Movement has decided it’s up to us to remind the people of Texas what the Alamo stands for, and what happened there. I have been tasked by Daniel Miller to stand up a new group we’re calling the Alamo Guard.

Once a month, men and women will conduct a wreath laying ceremony at the Alamo and march around the perimeter. I’m looking for volunteers that would be willing to commit to these few important minutes every month to show that there is a group of people who still remember the Alamo.

You must be a dues paying member of the TNM in order to be considered for this group, and we will have shirts made that will be distributed only to Alamo Guard members.

If you are able to get to San Antonio once a month, and you care about the treatment of the ‘Shrine of Texas Liberty’ like we do, please contact the TNM HQ.

Stand up, and help us remember and honor those men who sacrificed everything in the pursuit of a free Texas.

Chris Jacka
Captain, Alamo Guard

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