Celebrating Our Champions: Chris Powell and David Breunig Join the ‘500 Club’

In the journey towards Texas independence, every supporter counts. That’s why the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is proud to recognize the exceptional efforts of our volunteers who go above and beyond in rallying support for our cause. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that two of our dedicated volunteers, Chris Powell and David Breunig, have joined the exclusive ranks of the “500 Club”.

The “500 Club” is a distinguished group of TNM volunteers who have connected 500 or more people with the TNM by getting them to formally register their support for our mission. This is no small feat. It requires dedication, passion, and a deep belief in the cause of Texas independence.

Chris and David have shown all of these qualities and more. Their tireless efforts have not only helped to grow our movement but have also inspired others to do the same. We’re incredibly proud of their achievement and are excited to see them join the “500 Club”.

But the journey doesn’t stop here. We believe that every TNM supporter has the potential to make a significant impact, just like Chris and David. When you login to the website, you get access to an entire suite of tools to help you with outreach. Here are some ways you can join them in the “500 Club”:

  1. Share Your Unique Links: Visit the Outreach Center page and share the links with your unique ID. Every person who registers their support through your link counts towards your total. You can also do this by using the social media sharing links on the Supporter Registration page.
  2. Use Your QR Code: Download your unique QR code from the Outreach Center page. You can print it out or add it to social media graphics. When someone scans your QR code and registers their support, they’ll be added to your total.
  3. Go Analog with Paper Forms: If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can use paper forms to gather support. These forms are available on the Outreach Center page.
  4. Share Your Unique Petition Link: When you share your unique petition link from the TEXIT Petition Central page, petition signers have an opportunity to register their support as well.

You can also access additional tools through the TNM.ME Mobile App. And remember, you must be logged in to access your unique links.

Joining the “500 Club” is not just about reaching a number. It’s about making a tangible difference in the fight for Texas independence. It’s about connecting with fellow Texans, sharing our vision, and building a community of supporters who believe in our cause.

So, let’s take a moment to celebrate Chris Powell and David Breunig for their outstanding achievement. And let’s use their success as inspiration to continue our efforts. Who knows? You could be the next member of the “500 Club”.

Visit the Outreach Center and Start Connecting Supporters Today

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