How The Port Neches Plant Explosion Will Affect TNM Operations

How The Port Neches Plant Explosion Will Affect TNM Operations

For the second time this year, TNM operations will be affected by a disaster. Here’s what you need to know.

Early this morning, there was a catastrophic explosion at a chemical plant in Port Neches. While there were no fatalities, the fire is not yet under control. Additionally, there was a subsequent explosion and another is very likely. This plant’s proximity to the Huntsman refinery and tank farm means that there could be even more explosions if the fire is not contained soon.

Due to the risk of explosion and the blanket of toxic chemicals rapidly beginning to cover this area, Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick has issued a 10-Day mandatory evacuation for a wide area around the facility. That area includes where primary TNM operations are conducted.

So far, we have suffered no immediate damage. However, some of our operations will be affected until further notice. Here’s what you need to know.

Information for residents in the area

If you have suffered blast damage, the plant owner (TPC) has set up a hotline. You can call 866-601-5880 to make a report.

In addition, the mandatory evacuation order could be lifted or extended. Area residents are urged to stay tuned to local news for the latest updates from county officials.

Membership cards will be delayed

Membership cards are fulfilled through the main office in Nederland. Until the mandatory evacuation is lifted, there will be no postal operations. We will continue to process membership cards for new members but will be holding them until we receive confirmation that mail is being processed.

Most TNM merchandise orders will not be affected

If you order TNM merchandise from the Texian Store, it will likely not be affected. We utilize third-party fulfillment services for situations just like this. The exception to this will be copies of the TEXIT book ordered from the TNM, window and bumper stickers, and TNM flags. If you order any of these items, we will process the order but will hold it for shipping until we receive confirmation that all postal and shipping routes are clear.

Remember your fellow Texans

There are first responders who are working to contain the fire and prevent greater damage. Keep them in your thoughts and prayer. Texans in the immediate area will have some cleanup work to do from the damage caused by the explosions. They need your support as well.

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