Texans are stepping up to conduct rescues of those who have been trapped by flooding. If you need evacuation by boat, go to this link and enter your info: www.tinyurl.com/harvey-evac

If you have a boat and would like to help or if you are already working evacuations and would like to coordinate with the larger effort, please send a text message to 409-767-4139.

In addition, the Texas Nationalist Movement is asking for volunteers and contributions to assist with relief efforts over the coming weeks and months. If you can help in any way for any length of time please visit our Hurricane Harvey page at tnm.me/harvey.

The following is a statement from TNM President Daniel Miller from yesterday:

As many of you know, the headquarters for the TNM is in Nederland. As of this minute, Nederland is essentially an island with road access in all directions covered in flood waters. While we are not flooded as of right now, much of the town and the surrounding area is under water. Most members of our national leadership are in other locations around Texas and are handling the massive amount of emails and phone calls that are coming in. We are still working to organize additional relief and resources to the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey and will continue to work and answer your calls and emails as we can. We don’t know what the next 24 hours will bring. What we do know is that while the water may slow our operations some, there is still work to be done. Texans need our help. They need your help. We’ve created a section on our website at tnm.me/harvey that will become our central point of communications related to our relief efforts. For now, you can volunteer to help with the relief efforts or make a contribution so that we can get much needed relief to the people of Texas. We are going to secure more of the windows and doors here just in case the water reaches critical levels where we are. Don’t worry about us. Let us all work to show the world what Texans are made of.

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