Is Amazon Still Suppressing The TEXIT Book?

Is Amazon Still Suppressing The TEXIT Book?

Did you purchase a copy of the TEXIT book on Amazon? If so, the TNM needs to hear from you.

It seems like the suppression of pro-TEXIT voices by “Big Tech” never ends. This is especially true when it comes to the book TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union by Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller.

The CEO of Defiance Press, the publisher of the top-selling book, took an opportunity to expose suppression of positive reviews of his latest book The Death of Liberty by the online retail behemoth Amazon. At a recent speaking engagement, Dave Roberts talked about how Amazon is suppressing online reviews by simply refusing to publish them.

In his remarks, Roberts reminded the audience that this was all done before with the release of TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union and their treatment of Miller’s book is likely being used a blueprint to suppress the sales of other books without having to outright ban them.

In previous remarks, Miller has stated that he personally believed that Amazon was not only squelching positive reviews and ratings but also under-reporting sales of the book to keep its true popularity under wraps.

Miller stated: “The numbers being shown on BookScan and the wholesale purchase reports from Amazon simply do not make sense. Amazon is consistently reordering copies of TEXIT, but the BookScan numbers do not reflect the sales required to explain their reorders.”

If you have purchased a copy of TEXIT from Amazon and have submitted a review, you are urged to verify that your review has been posted. If not, then please let the publisher know by emailing them at

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