Legal TEXIT Petition Can Now Be Signed Online

Legal TEXIT Petition Can Now Be Signed Online

It is now possible for Texas voters to sign the TEXIT petition on a website like many other electronic documents. With enough signatures, it will finally allow the voices of Texans to be heard by requiring the question of Texas independence to be on the 2022 primary election ballot. This will answer an often repeated objection by Texas elected officials looking to skirt the issue by claiming only a small minority of Texans would vote in favor of Texas reasserting its status as an independent nation again.

Fresh in from the TNM legal team, approval has been given for an online petition form that meets all the legal requirements of the Texas Election Code. This means Texas registered voters can now sign the petition from the convenience of their computers and mobile devices. Previous efforts required meeting a Certified Petition Circulator (CPC) in-person to sign the petition or becoming a CPC to sign your own form. After this training, each circulator had to give an oath of affidavit to a notary and mail the petition pages to the office. The online effort will allow a signer to simply enter all the information required by the Texas Election Code on the website (including enough information to verify one’s voter registration status) and sign the petition in their own handwriting.

Since the new option is faster to receive and process, TNM will be accepting signatures for the online petition until December 7, 2021. 

If you have not signed yet, go sign now! Please note if you signed a prior petition online at any time or if you signed a paper petition prior to June 2021, then you have not signed this current petition that under Texas law requires the question to be placed on a party primary ballot.

If you have already signed, this new option creates a simple way to promote the petition to loved ones, friends, and acquaintances across Texas. The TNM is strongly encouraging all supporters to share the link to the petition on all of your social networks and to everyone you know that is registered to vote in Texas willing to help put this on the ballot. That link is

The effects from this new option are expected to significantly boost the tremendous undertaking by over 700 Certified Petition Circulators collecting signatures from the public over the last 5 months. Many Texans have shared their sincere appreciation for the volunteers who have put their time, money, and energy into asking Texans at hundreds of events to sign the petition. This has been an invaluable part of the process and has also helped to provide visibility of the Texit effort to over one million people.

What is the Texit Petition?

In June of this year, the Texas Nationalist Movement launched a campaign to force a TEXIT referendum on the 2022 Primary ballot. Using a provision in the Texas Election Code, if the TNM collects the required number of valid signatures from Texas registered voters, the question “Should the State of Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?” must, by law, be placed on the Primary ballot in the Spring of 2022.  


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