Major TEXIT Announcement Coming On June 14th

Major TEXIT Announcement Coming On June 14th

The Texas Nationalist Movement will be making a major announcement regarding the next phase of the TEXIT campaign on June 14th. Here’s where you can watch it and what you can expect.

With the end of a legislative session that saw legislators reject thousands of calls and visits from their constituents who want a vote on TEXIT, the TNM is moving to the next planned phase of our campaign to get and win a referendum on Texas independence.

On June 14th at 7:30 pm, TNM President Daniel Miller will be announcing the next major phase of the TNM’s strategy. Find out how the TNM can guarantee that Texans get a vote on TEXIT soon, the interplay between this vote and the upcoming election, how we can take back our Legislature to make sure TEXIT gets done, and the critical role that you play in making it happen.

The announcement will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube, and the TNM website. Below are the links to the Facebook and YouTube links to the event where you can RSVP and receive reminders so you don’t miss it.



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