Meet Suzi Dantzler, TNM’s New Legislative Director

Meet Suzi Dantzler, TNM’s New Legislative Director

The Texas Nationalist Movement is proud to announce the appointment of Suzi Dantzler as its new Legislative Director.

As Legislative Director, her main responsibility is to promote the legislative agenda of TNM. Much of her time is spent developing professional relationships with Texas lawmakers, knocking on office doors at the Capitol and making sure our supported bills get a sponsor, acquire companion bills in both House and Senate, get through calendars, get a hearing, a floor vote, and ultimately pass into Texas law.

Suzi is a seventh generation Texas native hailing from the Dallas area. She and her husband together own and operate a construction company that focuses on ranch construction. They’ve done so for 35 years. But her entire adult life has been spent engaged in grassroots political activism with the Texas Legislature.

Suzi considers Texas independence something instilled in her at birth rather than something taught to her. “Independence, it’s in your heart, it’s in your soul, it’s about being a Texan.” She believes that the Texas Nationalist Movement fit her in a profound way and that our mission gave her a proactive outlet for the beliefs she already held, such as when she was made Gillespie County Coordinator.

Suzi stresses how important it is for TNM members to stay on top of the legislative process to make sure our priorities pass. “I think it is inherently important that our members watch what’s going on in the legislature. Set up an account a Texas Legislature Online, and make sure you know where these bills are. If, for instance, the bill is stuck in Calendars, don’t bother a politician that can’t change that. Contact the proper Calendars members and let them know you want the bill moved along.”

Feel free to contact Suzi ( if you have any questions or want to get more involved with the TNM’s legislative activities.


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