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Miller Calls For Committee Votes on Monuments & Alamo Bills
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Most bills in the Texas Legislature die because the clock runs out. Critical bills dealing with the Alamo and Texas monuments are in danger of dying as they languish in committee without a vote.

While ever larger numbers of Texans are expressing their concern for the Alamo and our historical monuments and demanding action to protect them all, bills that would do just that have been filed and heard in the Texas House and Senate. However, without immediate action these bills could follow the fate of thousands of bills and die by the clock.

House Bill 1836, the Alamo Cenotaph Bill, was heard in the House Committee on Culture, Recreation, and Tourism on April 2nd, yet it has not been scheduled for a vote by committee chairman John Cyrier. House Bill 583 which offers blanket protection for all Texas monuments, memorials, and markers was heard one week later in the same committee on April 9th and likewise has not been scheduled for a vote.

The lack of movement on these bills prompted TNM President Daniel Miller to draft a letter (see below) to Chairman Cyrier which was hand delivered this morning. The letter calls on the Chairman to schedule the vote before the end of the week or to publicly explain his reasons for not doing so.

While these two bills are slowed in the House because they haven’t been scheduled for a vote, the problem with Senate Bill 1663 in the Committee on Natural Resources is quite different. The committee, headed by Senator Birdwell, had actually planned on voting for the Senate’s version of the Monument Protection act on two separate occasions. However, on April 17th, the absence of Senators Paxton and Hughes who have expressed support for the bill, prevented a vote from happening.

If we don’t want these important bills to die by the clock, it is important to call the committee chairmen and the committee members and let them know you want them to vote now and that you expect them all there for the vote. Empty chairs kill bills.

Texas House Committee on Culture Recreation & Tourism

Call Chairman John Cyrier and say that you want a vote on House Bills 583 and 1836. Call the committee members and tell them that you want their vote FOR these bills and you expect them to show up for the vote.

Chair: Rep. John Cyrier – (512) 463-0682
Vice Chair: Rep. Armando Martinez – (512) 463-0530
Rep. John H. Bucy III – (512) 463-0696
Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins – (512) 463-0708
Rep. Justin Holland – (512) 463-0484
Rep. Jarvis D. Johnson – (512) 463-0554
Rep. Kyle J. Kacal – (512) 463-0412
Rep. Geanie W. Morrison – (512) 463-0456
Rep. Steve Toth – (512) 463-0797

Texas Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development

Call Chairman Brian Birdwell and say that you want a vote on Senate Bill 1663. Call the committee members and tell them that you want their vote FOR these bills and you expect them to show up for the vote.

Chair: Sen. Brian Birdwell – (512) 463-0122
Vice Chair: Sen. Judith Zaffirini – (512) 463-0121
Sen. Pat Fallon – (512) 463-0130
Sen. Peter P. Flores – (512) 463-0119
Sen. Kelly Hancock – (512) 463-0109
Sen. Juan Hinojosa – (512) 463-0120
Sen. Bryan Hughes – (512) 463-0101
Sen. Borris L. Miles – 
(512) 463-0113 
Sen. Angela Paxton – (512) 463-0108
Sen. Beverly Powell – (512) 463-0110
Sen. José R. Rodríguez – (512) 463-0129

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