One Month Into the TEXIT Petition Campaign: A Deeper Look

We’re one month into the TEXIT petition campaign, and the momentum is building. As we gather signatures and spread the word about Texas independence, we want to address some common questions and misconceptions about the petition. Here’s a deeper look at what you need to know about the petition that could put the TEXIT question on the March 2024 Primary Ballot.

The Legality of the TEXIT Petition

The TEXIT petition is not just a statement of support for Texas independence; it’s a legal petition under the Texas Election Code. This means it adheres to all the rules and regulations set forth by the state of Texas for such initiatives. We’ve worked diligently to ensure the legality and legitimacy of this campaign, and every signature we gather brings us one step closer to getting TEXIT on the ballot.

Understanding the Wording on the Petition

The wording on the TEXIT petition may seem a bit unusual to some. However, it’s important to understand that this wording is not arbitrary. It’s dictated by the Texas Election Code, which sets specific requirements for how petitions must be worded. While the language may seem formal or even a bit convoluted, it’s necessary to meet the legal standards for a valid petition. In short, don’t blame us. It’s the law.

Signing the Petition and Voting Rights

There’s a rumor circulating that signing the TEXIT petition means you forfeit your right to vote. This is absolutely not true. Signing the petition is a way to express your support for putting the issue of Texas independence on the ballot—it has no impact on your voting rights. By signing the petition, you are merely committing to vote in the primary of the party corresponding to the petition you sign. If you sign the Republican petition, you are committing to the Republican primary. If you sign the Democratic petition, you are committing to the Democratic primary. You can vote for whomever you like in the General Election. We encourage every Texan to exercise their right to vote and to use their voice to shape the future of our state.

Where Is the Petition For Other Parties or Independents

Republicans and Democrats are the only two parties in Texas that hold a primary election. The Texas Election Code only allows us to use the petition method to place a question on a primary ballot. Even if you usually vote for a third party in the General Election, you can still sign the petition if you don’t plan on participating in the convention of a third party as a delegate. If you consider yourself an independent voter and don’t usually participate in the primaries, you can still sign the petition.

Where You Can Sign the Petition

There are two main ways to sign the TEXIT petition. The first is online, where you can add your signature at any time, from anywhere. The second is in person at a TNM event, where you can connect with a Certified Petition Circulator. These dedicated volunteers are trained to help you sign the petition and can answer any questions you may have about the process or the campaign. If you don’t want to sign online and there is no event near you, consider becoming a Certified Petition Circulator and help us get signatures in your area.

Sharing Your Unique Petition Links

Once you’ve signed the petition, you can help spread the word by sharing your unique petition links from TEXIT Petition Central. These links make it easy for your friends, family, and social media followers to sign the petition themselves. By sharing these links, you’re amplifying the reach of the TEXIT campaign and helping to build a grassroots movement for Texas independence.

Becoming a Certified Petition Circulator

If you’re passionate about Texas independence and want to play a more active role in the campaign, consider becoming a Certified Petition Circulator. As a circulator, you’ll be on the front lines of the TEXIT movement, gathering signatures and educating Texans about our cause. It’s a role that requires dedication and commitment, but it’s also one of the most impactful ways you can contribute to the campaign.

One month into the TEXIT petition campaign, and we’ve already made significant progress. But there’s still a lot of work to do. Success is not guaranteed. Whether you sign the petition, share your unique links, or become a Certified Petition Circulator, every action you take brings us one step closer to our goal of Texas independence.

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With enough signatures, the TNM can force the TEXIT question on the primary ballot in March 2024. This is exactly what we’re going to do and we need your help to do it.