Tylerites and East Texans from the surrounding area had the opportunity to meet with four of the National Team members of the Texas Nationalist Movement last Friday.

President Daniel Miller was present on this March 11th gathering, along with Cara Miller (TNM Director of Operations), Nate Smith (TNM Executive Director), and Don Teer (TNM Field Director), all hosted by Team Tyler to talk about upcoming events and developments and to answer questions.

Some of the topics covered in this talk were the accomplishments of the Precinct Project and the state convention; why a bill calling for a vote on independence wasn’t going to be filed this session and the reasons why, and also discussion on plans looking forward to the 2019 legislative session, including the plan to field candidates who will support a referendum on independence.

If your group would like to hold a similar meeting with Daniel Miller or others of the national team, please contact Cara Miller at 800-662-1836 to arrange date and time.

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