The Texas Senate is currently debating SB 21 which throws Texas in the middle of a process to amend or rewrite the U.S. Constitution.

The Texas Nationalist Movement has strongly advocated for a vote on independence in lieu of or alongside an Article V Convention. However, convention advocates seem to avoid any call for them to show how their path is better than full independence.

The debate, which is being streamed on the Texas Senate website, has provoked a response from the TNM President Daniel Miller. He took to Facebook to give some brief observations of the debate.

Watching the Texas Senate debate on the Article V convention. Some observations. 1. We've heard from CoS advocates…

Posted by Daniel Miller on Tuesday, February 28, 2017


It’s appears that SB 21 will be strong-armed through the Senate where it will then move on to the Texas House. While we are not in favor of the Article V Convention, at a very minimum the Texas Independence Referendum Act should be filed and let the both houses of the Texas Legislature compare the two options, side-by-side in an honest debate.

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