TEXIT Takes Center Stage At The Rally Against Censorship

Censorship of TEXIT and the TNM

TEXIT Takes Center Stage At The Rally Against Censorship

The First Amendment of the Constitution ensures that the government cannot infringe on the people’s freedom of speech or freedom of the press. Because it is the very first amendment, it implies its importance that the people not be censored in these freedoms. One might expect this is to be an issue with the government, but what happens when those rights are hindered by the private sector? 

David Thomas Roberts knows that sometimes the people who do the most censoring are the very people who are supposed to publish and promote your works. After several publishers turned down his submissions because his book was ‘too conservative’, he finally found one that agreed to publish his book. However, that publisher failed to promote it for the same reason. After much thought about the prejudice and censorship that authors face, Roberts formed Defiance Press & Publishing to ensure that conservative and libertarian authors are given the same treatment with their published works as anyone else. The publisher is committed to integrity, transparency, communication, and partnership with their family of authors. He believes, “These are courageous authors who fight the growing censorship of conservatives and Christians daily from online & traditional retailers, corporate book buyers, social media, and big tech!” 

On Thursday, July 29, 2021, Defiance Press held a Rally Against Censorship in The Woodlands, Texas, to promote and protect the God-given right of free speech and free press. As a way to promote their works and stand together, many of their published authors gathered to sign books and speak out about censorship. 

Daniel Miller speaking from the stage at the Rally Against Censorship

The president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller, was one of the keynote speakers at the rally. He talked about his book, TEXIT: How and Why Texas Will Leave the Union. The book was chock full of facts about Texas being sovereign and facts about our relationship with the federal government. Miller mentioned how “Big Tech” and the media tried to squash the book and how politicians said that Texas independence was not supported by the people. They did not want the people to hear the truth that “All political power is inherent in the people,” and that “The people have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter, reform, or abolish their form of government in such a manner as they see expedient.” 

Miller emphasized in his speech that it’s not just about Texas once again becoming an independent nation, but “the fight that we have is much greater than that. We are fighting for nothing less than the heart, soul, and mind of western civilization — a civilization where individuals should be free to think, and to speak, and to act.” His book puts it all out there, and they don’t like it.  And they’re going to get nasty about it, and Texans being Texans are going to love it, and are fighting back. No matter how many times they try to silence the people, Texans will be heard. The TNM is fighting to give all Texans a voice. They are determined to give the people the voice the bureaucrats in Austin denied to the people of Texas. 

TNM leaders and volunteers working at the Rally Against Censorship.

Although the Texas Independence Referendum (HB1359) was squashed by those elected to represent the people of Texas, The TNM is going directly to the people, who have the power to force the question to be placed on the primary ballot in 2022. Numerous Certified Petition Circulators were on site at the rally to continue to collect the 80,000 signatures needed to make this happen. The TNM is committed to protecting the right of self-government for all Texans. 

TNM leaders and members were present at the rally to inform the public about the importance of Texas independence — the only solution to the problems with our relationship to the federal government. They collected almost 500 signatures in support of the TEXIT referendum. 

Founder David Thomas Roberts, host of the rally, also spoke out about the evils of censorship. He also signed copies of his books, The Death of Liberty: the Socialist destruction of America’s Freedoms Using the Income Tax and Patriots of Treason, Purge on the Potomac: a ‘Deep State’ Calamity, A State of Treason, Unemployable: How to be Successfully Unemployed Your Entire Life

David Thomas Roberts (L) with Dr. Steven Hotze (C) and Randy Councill (R)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was also there speaking out against censorship and signing copies of his newest book, Sheriff Joe Arpaio: An American Legend. He is renowned for being the “toughest sheriff in history” because of his fierce anti-illegal immigration policies and his conservative values. 

Others there to sign books and speak out against censorship included the following: 

Robert G. Bernhoft, America’s #1 criminal tax defense attorney and Constitutional expert, whose “knowledge of the inner workings of our Justice and Intelligence apparatus is unparalleled, and his insights into corruption in these agencies is frightening to say the least.”; Justin Sheffield, MOB VI: a Seal Team Six Operator’s Battles in the Fight for Good Over Evil; Jo Patti Munisteri, author of Traveling off the X; Heather Miller, Though I Be Mute; Blaine L. Pardoe, Blue Dawn; Robert Deluca, The Master of Deceit: Searching for Answers; Lawrence Hebron, AR2 Squared; Mark Greathouse, Nicholas Dunn: The Making of a Texas Legend, and The Tumbleweed Sagas: Nueces Justice, Nueces Deceit, and Nueces Reprise; Michael Bentley, The Second Pearl; Misty Boyd, Carissa’s Law; Richard Kradin, MD, Never Trump: How and Why Obsessional Elites are Undermining America, and Breakdown: How Progressive Ideology is Eroding Morality and Redefining Mental Health in America; Elizabeth Jeffett, Silent Partners and Crude Intent; Robert Pollock, America the Beautiful: As Seen Through the Eyes of Its Immigrants; Tanner T. Roberts, Dumb Poliltics: the Political Rhetoric and Blissful Ignorance of a Generation and 101 Tips to Become a Radical Liberal: the Ultimate Guide for Woke, Progressive, and Superior Individuals; Thomas M. Simon, The American Testament: a House Divided Again; Archie Richards, America’s Governments: Enemies of the Poor and America’s Bankruptcy: America is Closer to Bankruptcy Than Most People Know. 

Miller encourages everyone to ask this question: “If Texas was a sovereign, independent, and self-governing nation today – with control over our own immigration and borders, our own army, our own money — would you vote to join the union today? If the answer is NO, then why would you ever vote to stay? So carry the message that they are squelching and censoring, and LET’S GO WIN TEXIT!” 

For more information on the TEXIT petition and how to get involved, visit the TNM at tnm.me/petition

Watch Daniel Miller’s speech in its entirety below.

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