TNM Unveils Its 2019 Legislative Priorities

TNM Unveils Its 2019 Legislative Priorities

The Texas Nationalist Movement is releasing its legislative priorities for the 2019 session of the Texas Legislature. Divided into the three main areas of the TNM’s mission, the legislative priorities represent policy initiatives that are strongly supported by members of the organization.

While the TNM will likely come out in support of other pieces of legislation during the session, these priorities are initiatives that have been created or spearheaded by the organization. Both members and supporters are encouraged to contact their Representatives and Senators to express their support for these priorities.


  • Texas Independence Referendum Act
  • Change the campaign finance laws to prevent funds from outside of Texas being contributed to or used in Texas elections
  • Eliminate electronic voting and return to paper ballot
  • A study bill that details the previous efforts of the State of Texas, including bills and resolutions by the Texas Legislature, to initiate reform in the relationship between Texas and the federal government as well as efforts to retain or reassert the sovereignty of the State of Texas and the results of those attempts
  • A study bill that details the rights and obligations of the State of Texas and its citizens that arise under federal law as a result of Texas membership in the United States including examples of countries that are not part of the United States but have existing arrangements or agreements with the United States which produce substantially similar outcomes as those in the State of Texas



  • Implement the electronic currency provisions of the Texas Gold Depository Act

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