TNM’s 2020 Political Convention Resolutions

TNM’s 2020 Political Convention Resolutions

Party conventions are back on the schedule here in Texas. If you plan on attending, here’s the info that you need.

The political parties here in Texas are getting back on schedule to host their conventions. This is where Texans, regardless of party affiliation, have an opportunity to directly impact the direction of policy for the next two years.

Much like previous election cycles, in 2020 the Texas Nationalist Movement is encouraging its supporters to advocate for resolutions specific to achieving the mission of the organization.

The first resolution is our standard resolution to add a call for a vote on TEXIT to the party’s platform. The second is a new resolution that reinforces our call from the last legislative session to enact a ban on political contributions that come from outside of Texas.

You can download both resolutions by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button below. You will need to download, print at least three copies, and bring them to your local convention. You will need to consult the convention rules for your particular convention to determine how to introduce these resolutions.

Please let us know if you plan to introduce these and, if you do, the results by emailing us at

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