TNM Announces New District Director for SD7

TNM Announces New District Director for SD7

The Texas Nationalist Movement is proud to welcome Hutch Hutchison to our team of District Directors as he takes the helm in District 7.

In an area of Texas with over 970,000 people, this district is one of the largest senate districts in Texas. Some of the cities included in this district are Bunker Hill Village, Hedwig Village, parts of Houston, Hunters Creek Village, Jersey Village, Piney Point Village, Spring, and Tomball. District 7 is a high growth area for the TNM, and according to Mr. Hutchison, the number is growing.

Hutch Hutchison is from Baytown, TX, and is a proud 5th generation Texan. He went to school in the Rio Grande Valley, graduated from Texas A&M, and served in the Marine Corps. Outside of serving his time in the Texas Nationalist Movement, he works for Spoton. This software company works with small to mid-size businesses to help them save time and increase their revenue.

He is a father of seven kids and has two grandkids. He is married to a UT graduate, creating household rivalry which is true to the Texas spirit. When asked why he supports Texas independence, he says, “It’s for my kids and grandkids; they deserve to live in a truly free country.” He has even recruited his 16-year-old son as a CPC, bringing his own family into the TNM family. Being a district director takes a lot of a volunteer’s time. Still, to Hutch, “It is taking the most hands-on approach to winning Texas Independence,” for why he wants to serve as the District Director. Being new to the position, he is just getting started preparing District 7 to be one of the best districts in Texas for Texas independence. 

Hutchison has always lived by a quote his grandmother told him: “You have two ears and one mouth.  Use them accordingly.” He is here to listen to the people of District 7 and support them as much as possible. Hutch is looking for more LCs to help the district in the true cause for Texas Independence. If any Texian is looking to help in the district, Hutch is looking forward to your help. You can contact him at: 

You don’t have to be part of District 7 to help out the cause for Texas independence. You can join and support the Texas Nationalist Movement here: JOIN the TNM. In addition, you can donate to help the cause for Texas independence here: DONATE TO TNM. With every Texian’s help, Texas can gain its independence, and “once again rise its head and stand among the nations” — Sam Houston.

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