TNM Continues To Impact Global Discussion on Independence

TNM Continues To Impact Global Discussion on Independence

< }}” alt=”irt-embassy.png” width=”300″ />In its continuing effort to return Texas to being the independent nation that, culturally, it has never ceased being, The Texas Nationalist Movement has been in communication with a number of independence organizations across America. In states such as California and Minnesota, we’ve found inspiration and encouragement as we all work towards our individual independence goals, however, we’ve also been fortunate enough to find this same unity of purpose on an international level.

Recently, the São Paulo Independence Movement invited TNM to present remarks to their party congress, which were delivered via video. In addition to our event with MSPI, TNM has recently been invited by the French, considering leaving the European Union, to speak on the matter of independence. Also, adding to our growing list of international venues, TNM has also been invited to present on that same topic by the Catalans, who are organizing a conference in Barcelona to discuss independence from Spain.

Around the world, the winds of change are blowing towards independence and nationalism and away from giant multi-country bureaucracies. And in the midst of this explosion of liberty, Texas is seen as a symbol to nations that want to be free. TNM hopes to continue to encourage our independent-minded friends all over the world, to inspire them to principles of self-determination, as we ourselves work towards achieving our own independence. And for Texas, our Independence Day is getting closer all the time!

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