The Texas Nationalist Movement has released another legislative endorsement and it’s another gun bill – House Bill 375.

House Bill 375, filed by State Representative Jonathan Stickland, would bring true constitutional carry to Texas, meaning a person who is not legally prohibited from owning or purchasing a firearm could openly carry a handgun without a license.

TNM President Daniel Miller issued a statement earlier today.

We are excited to throw our support behind another bill that seeks to fully restore a fundamental right to the people of Texas and remove impediments to their enjoyment of that right. HB375 is yet another vehicle that can be used to untangle the Gordian Knot of byzantine and unreasonable gun restrictions in Texas.

His statement also sought to clarify the TNM’s legislative endorsement process.

Some have been confused about why the TNM endorsed HB1911 (another gun bill) before HB375. When the TNM endorses legislation, we occasionally hold off on an endorsement until we see the version that is actually laid out in committee, called the Committee Substitute. There are times when the filed versions of bills are negotiated into something that is unrecognizable before they get to the committee. Good bills can turn bad and bad bills can become worse. We received a copy of the Committee Substitute for HB1911 over the weekend. We finally received a copy of the Committee Substitute for HB375 today which prompted the endorsement.

It is also not uncommon for the TNM to endorse separate pieces of legislation that are working toward the same effect. I suspect this is why the authors of HB1911 and HB375 are encouraging support for both bills, as are we.

You can track the progress of HB375 at this link:

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