TNM Launches Legislative Alert System

TNM Launches Legislative Alert System

With the legislative session lasting only 140 days, things move fast. Now TNM supporters have a chance to make sure that crafty legislators don’t slide critical pieces of legislation under the radar.

Too often, the Texas Legislature uses its short session and fast pace to hide actions on legislation that directly impact issues that Texas Nationalist Movement supporters care about. Committee meetings are scheduled with very little notice and critical votes are taken without most voters even knowing about them. It is vitally important that TNM supporters lend our voices in support or opposition to many of these issues. Many of these happen so quickly that email is not even fast enough to make a difference. That changes today.

One of the first actions of TNM’s new Legislative Director, Suzi Dantzler, was to create a legislative alert text message list. Now you can be informed rapidly and respond quickly to issues that affect you in the Texas Legislature. We won’t inundate you with texts but we will let you know about critical bills, votes, and committee hearings so that you have the opportunity to respond.

Text LEGE to 484-938-6746 to receive these critical alerts. Follow the prompts and we’ll do the rest. If you’d like to become more involved in the TNM’s legislative efforts, email Suzi at


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